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2007/03/06 19:52
Racism & discrimination Обратить на это сообщение внимание Модератораархив 

Related to my previous subject, Michel Jacksen cried very much and sent his appeal through all over the world, at result he become white in his protest " BLACK OR WHITE" But here matter going as "BROWN OR WHITE" matter of discrimination never to be stop, But this is also fact that as world tried to raise Racism at their own bank as society turns against this ideology, Being a clear or one Blood, this theory getting its last breath. But still in many developed country even they have some thousands or more than millions nationals from other countries, in many state or private organizations notification of following words you can see "Blacks are not allowed" Why????

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*Racism & discrimination punjabiv   2007/03/06 19:52
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.*Re: Racism & discrimination aysha   2007/03/09 16:01
.*Re: Racism & discrimination Шапик1   2007/03/12 12:49
.*Re: Racism & discrimination Первез_Петрович   2007/03/09 18:58
.*Re: Racism & discrimination Шапик1   2007/03/12 09:50
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